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Who are "Sell House Fast 4 Cash"?

At Sell House Fast 4 Cash, we specialise in the quick sale market.

We were established in 2023, however, our director has been in buying investment properties in England & Wales for 40 years.

Regardless of the circumstances, if you need to sell your house or flat, we can help you achieve your goal quickly. We proudly offer our customers a quick, guaranteed property sale with excellent customer service.

  • Genuine cash buyer, there are no brokers or third-party companies involved.
  • Guaranteed sale within a timescale that suits you.
  • Fully transparent, use your own solicitor, and we will pay all your legal fees.
  • Purchase property in any condition in England and Wales.
  • Receive an upfront, interest-free cash advance once contracts are exchanged.
  • Exchange and complete in 7 days if required.

Sell House Fast 4 Cash - The Property Experts

About Sell House Fast 4 Cash

Our expertise in commercial & residential property means those who wish to sell a property quickly and efficiently will find our process very simple and transparent.

Our director has over 40 years of experience in the property industry. His enviable wide range of experience in the property industry is probably unmatched in the UK.

We are one of those rare companies that have an ethics policy. How we deal with you and our incorporated policy of fairness and transparency is all part of our ethics policy.

10% of our profit goes directly to registered charities to support various projects here in the UK and abroad.

It ranges from property development advising 3 large national legal practices on property issues. He has been a landlord for over 40 years and is involved in the commercial & residential property sector on many other levels.

Reasons why use Sell House Fast 4 Cash?

We operate in England & Wales as a property company that has in-house lawyers, surveyors and management staff.


Quick house sale companies provide a service for homeowners who need to unlock their cash quickly. We buy your property within days and pay your fees (such as for solicitors and searches), so there is no cost to you.


You might consider selling a property quickly to:


  • Avoid repossession, clear debts or sort out your finances
  • dispose of inherited property
  • Move for age or health-related reason
  • Sell due to divorce or relationship difficulty
  • Relocate due to a change of career or to emigrate
  • Try a different route if unable to sell through a traditional estate agent.
  • Unable to sell due to a short lease or a high risk of flooding
  • Property suffering from subsidence
  • Sell property while waiting for Probate  

How can we Help?

If you are looking for a fast sale at the right price, speak to one of our consultants. We have helped people by buying their property in as little as 7 days. We have been trading for 9 years and our director has been in the property for 40 years.


Whether you are stuck in a chain or moving abroad, our in-house team is ready to buy any property in England and Wales, regardless of its condition or location. What makes us different is we have an in-house team, so we can act quickly.


What is guaranteed house sale?

Upon us making a cash offer we can exchange contracts as fast as you wish. No survey, No viewings and no fuss!

When we make a cash offer and you accept our cash offer then we will guarantee (subject to contract) to buy your property.

We will guide you through our simple process, get you an offer in record time, and exchange in as little as a week.


You could even get a cash advance once your sale is agreed upon. Helping you bridge the gap until completion. You do not pay any fees like agents, or solicitors fees, Just a quick, competitive sale in a few clicks.


Our friendly, trained team is ready to help get the funds to you quickly. See what you could get for your property with our fast initial online valuation. 

Good house sale company in the UK?

A good fast house sale company in the UK is Sell Fast House 4 Cash. They buy houses or flats with tenants.

What towns do Sell Fast 4 Cash buy in?

Sell House Fast 4 Cash buy any property in any condition, anywhere in England & Wales.

London, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Grimsby, Liverpool, Maidstone, Leeds, Bradford, Southampton and Portsmouth are the most active places.

What Type of Houses Do You Buy?

We buy any property in any condition.

They can be tenanted, commercial, residential, derelict retirement flats, short lease flats or land.

They can be of all shapes and sizes, including Detached, terraced, end-of-terrace and semi-detached.

The Benefits of Selling a Property to a Cash Buyer

What is a cash buyer when selling a property?

A cash buyer is a person or company with sufficient cash funds to buy a property without requiring a mortgage or selling their current home. 

The official definition of a cash buyer is ‘someone who can buy without needing to take out a loan or mortgage.’ If you wanted to buy a house worth £250,000, you’d have £250,000 sitting in a bank account in cash. 

Be aware of estate agents’ standard tactics; they will value property more than they know worth and what they can sell it for. 

However, this ploy does seem to the homeowner that the state agent can get them better money than other agents. 

Only to find a few weeks later that the agent wants to reduce the asking price.

With Sell House Fast 4 Cash, we give you a fully transparent analysis of how we calculated the property’s value with the figures and resources used.

Cash buyer house at a discount

It is understandable and a well-known fact that cash buyers often put in offers under the asking price when wanting to buy a property.

This is fantastic news if you are a buyer in the market for a new property; chances are, you could knock some money off the asking price.

As a seller, it is essential to weigh whether a price drop would benefit you. Cash buying is a quicker route to sale; no mortgage needs to be agreed upon, there is no chain, and the deal is less likely to encounter any issues.

As a result, cash buyers are a fantastic solution for sellers who require a quick house sale. 

A solution for a Chain-free sale

Being in a chain can make the property-buying process precarious for everyone involved. Each person selling and buying is reliant on everything progressing smoothly for everyone involved in the chain. 

A cash buyer ends the chain, which can be very attractive for sellers who want a simple, hassle-free sale.

If you want to sell your house quickly, then a cash buyer could be what you need. Not only is being a cash buyer quicker and more flexible for the buyer, but sellers also benefit from the same advantages.

With Sell House Fast 4 Cash, we can sell your property for you or buy it from you. 

Cash buyers don’t rely on a mortgage to secure a property or await funds from a sale. 

This means a sale is less likely to fall through, especially with mortgage lenders removed from the equation. Whilst nothing is set in stone until contracts are exchanged, a cash buyer is reassuring for somebody selling their home.

Cash buyer vs mortgage buyer

If you’re selling your home, the only pitfall of going with a cash house buyer is that you may receive an offer less than the asking price. 

You should consider if a chain-free and fast sale is worth the slight drop in the asking price.

Request a free valuation from us today and discover how we can help you sell your home quickly and for free. 

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